Audiobook News!

Hi everyone,

I have been working hard on producing the cover for the full Afterland Chronicles Trilogy on audiobook. So, if you are an audiobook lover the book is available on Audible and iTunes. The book is narrated by a first class, experienced audiobook producer and narrator – John H. Fehskens. The audiobook includes all three volumes – ASCENSION OF THE WHYTE, RYTE OF PASSAGE AND ICE AND FYRE.

If you are not an audible member you can get your first book for FREE with a 30-day FREE TRIAL membership

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Happy listening!

A Writer’s Life – Disasters

Okay, so this week has been a busy week, I planned the complete outlines of the three children’s books that I intended to work on over the next twelve months and even got their cover designs drafted.

I downloaded a new scrivener app so that I could sync my work onto my iPad for when I had a flash of inspiration and no laptop handy. I was feeling pretty happy with myself, smug even.

Then, just like there really was some Amish-like God up there waving his divine finger at me and tut-tutting at my shameful display of pride – KERPOW! Everything fell apart.

Molly Midnight Cover ebook final 2So, instead of spending the day busily writing as originally planned, I spent the next eight hours trying to recover my work. After googling thousands of ‘solutions’ to my problem, trawling through hundreds of backup files and performing various geeky technological gymnastics, I got most of it back. Though it appears that the first Chapter of Molly Midnight and the Little People sadly, is lost forever.
Trying to remember a thousand words that you wrote a few weeks ago seems an impossible task. So now I have to rewrite it….
Looks like this week is going to be another busy week – doubly so because I’m going to backup everything!