A Writer’s Life – Disasters

Okay, so this week has been a busy week, I planned the complete outlines of the three children’s books that I intended to work on over the next twelve months and even got their cover designs drafted.

I downloaded a new scrivener app so that I could sync my work onto my iPad for when I had a flash of inspiration and no laptop handy. I was feeling pretty happy with myself, smug even.

Then, just like there really was some Amish-like God up there waving his divine finger at me and tut-tutting at my shameful display of pride – KERPOW! Everything fell apart.

Molly Midnight Cover ebook final 2So, instead of spending the day busily writing as originally planned, I spent the next eight hours trying to recover my work. After googling thousands of ‘solutions’ to my problem, trawling through hundreds of backup files and performing various geeky technological gymnastics, I got most of it back. Though it appears that the first Chapter of Molly Midnight and the Little People sadly, is lost forever.
Trying to remember a thousand words that you wrote a few weeks ago seems an impossible task. So now I have to rewrite it….
Looks like this week is going to be another busy week – doubly so because I’m going to backup everything!



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